Interview with a Roommate: Myrna

“Bills, bills, bills! The cost of keeping up a castle these days is insane! The fact that I, Pierce Youngblood, perfect vampire in every way, have to get… roommates! As if I were nothing more than a frat boy trying to pass through college! Argh! Infuriating.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Well, I suppose I should begin the interview process. Let’s see who the first potential roommate is. Let’s see: Myrna Vile. Ugh, what a horrid last name.”

In a flash of bright light, a woman appeared in the chair before him. “Oh yes! Perfectly revolting, isn’t it? Ehehehehe!”

Pierce startled. “I-… erm. Well, I did not expect you to show up quite so-”

“Magnificently?” Myrna said, displaying her hands with a little jazz.

“Unexpectedly,” Pierce corrected.

Pierce looked over the woman a moment, taking note of her rather tattered state of dress.

“So, Ms. Vile, tell me a little bit about the circumstances that have brought you here before me today.”

“Oh, my cottage burned down,” Myrna said, nonchalantly.

“That’s… most unfortunate,” Pierce said, eyes widening slightly.

“Oh no, no, dearie me no. I burned it down myself. It was about time I had a change of scenery, and there’s no better send-off for an old witch’s cottage than to burn it down to the ground.”

Pierce stared at her.

“This ridiculously dark, dank castle will suit my needs just fine, I think. I’ll make all the arrangements myself. You won’t even know I’m here. Ehehehehe!” Myrna said, rubbing her hands together gleefully.

“Arrangements? Excuse me, I will be making all arrangements here. This is my castle, after all. Besides, we have barely even began the interview, and I have not yet set the terms of your rent-”

The woman had disappeared almost as quickly as she had appeared.

“She’s gone.” Pierce looked around a bit, then he shrugged his shoulders. “Well, good riddance, I suppose. She seemed like a complete lunatic. I can’t be having someone so ill-mannered and clearly unstable living in MY castle.”

He shuffled some papers on his desk. “Let’s see who’s up next for interviewing.”

Shirley Puggins Pen Pal Profile

Name: Shirley Puggins

Traits: Goofball, Outgoing, Family-Oriented

Age Bracket: Young Adult (but fine with Adults, too!)

Profession: Wanna-Be Comedian

How many pen pals are you interested in acquiring? 1-3

What qualities do you seek in a pen pal? My ideal pen pals would have a great sense of humor, a love for animals and family, and work hard to get what they want out of this crazy hard modern life!

Do you have a desire to meet your pen pal face-to-face? I’m always up for meeting strangers. I’m not afraid that you’d be a potential axe murderer or something because I’ve lived on the road for as long as I can remember (I don’t remember much for some reason). I’m tough and can definitely handle myself. Anyway, with that out of the way, yes, please! Let’s meet up and chat. I’m sure my sweet Puggy-wuggy would love to meet you, too!

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, your reason for wanting to join the pen pal project: I’m new to the Willow Creek area, and I’m looking to make friends by any means necessary. It’d be great if I could meet someone with similar interests and life goals and become life-long friends.

(Author’s Note: Basically, what this Pen Pal application is saying is that I’d like to write with pen pal Sims that are also doing legacies and/or are pet owners. :D)


Chapter Six – Rose and Zoe Part II

The night Zoe proposed to me, I dreamed of a dream wedding with a huge cake, actual ringing wedding bells, gorgeous dresses, and all of our friends sitting and watching it. I knew that wasn’t feasible because there’s no way we’d be able to afford such a big wedding, but hey, dreams will be dreams.

And then, things took a strange turn.

I dreamed there were unusual sounds coming from outside, and bright lights shining in through our window. I dreamed that over the house hovered some kind of flying saucer.

I dreamed the flying saucer shined a light on Zoe, and then beamed her up and took her to another planet, far away from me! It was a terrible, horrible dream. But when I woke up, Zoe was with me. Safe and sound. She was awake, which is odd for her, but she seemed fine. Kind of had a weird look on her face.

Later, when I told her about the dream, she gave me this look.

No, this wasn’t part of a dream. Zoe has been moving up in her career (she’s such a hard worker!). This is her new, uh, uniform. It’s cute. But I seriously have no idea what she could be thinking under there. She moved in for a kiss while that silly llama head was still on, and honestly, I’ve never had a weirder experience in my life than kissing someone in a llama costume.

Still, it was an experience. Every day is an experience with Zoe, and I can’t wait until we’re married!

Chapter Five – Rose and Zoe Part I

Living with Zoe has been great! She doesn’t mind that I have a bed outside. She says that sleeping outside under the stars is kind of romantic and something she always wanted to try. She is clearly not an outdoorswoman like me, though. But maybe with our combined incomes we can afford something a little nicer than outside with our bed.

Huzzah! We have pooled our resources and managed to afford a combination living room/bedroom/kitchen! It’s not the best lifestyle around, but I started making pancakes to celebrate! Both Zoe and I LOVE pancakes!

“Are we living the life or what?”

“Every day is living the life with you around, Rose.”

“Oh, Zoe, you smooth talker.”

I just had to introduce Zoe to my two friends! Miko and Zoe seemed to hit it off pretty well, but something seemed a little off about Summer. Who knows? Maybe she just really needed to go to the bathroom?

Having another romantic outing near the garden and stream next to our house. Zoe is just too good to me!

Zoe told me she had something she needed to say. She looked more serious than I had ever seen her. I hoped everything was okay! And then, she pulled something out of her dress pocket. And bent down on one knee…

“Rose Carr, will you be my wife?”

My heart skipped a beat; my breath was gone. I couldn’t say anything. I could only stare at the ring Zoe was presenting me. But then, Zoe started to look nervous, and I couldn’t turn her down!

I took the ring from her. “Oh my gosh, yes! Yes, I will! Zoe, I can’t believe. We’re… engaged? Oh man, I’m so excited, I just- AAAAAAAAH!”

“Rose, you’re lucky I can bench-press twice your weight before breakfast.”

“I know,” I said, dreamily. “Eeeee. We’re gonna get married!”

Chapter Four – Romantic Rose

My first date with Zoe! I was so excited I could squeal. In fact, I did. Zoe laughed at my enthusiasm but grabbed a hold of my hands and squealed with me.

Zoe had decided to take me on a date to the park. The park is one of my favorite places to go in Willow Creek! How’d she guess? I took a picture of us to make our date “Simbook Official.”

The date started off pretty low-key. Zoe pointed out that one of the clouds looked like a pizza stain one of her geeky roommates left on the couch. It wasn’t exactly the most romantic comment, but it was funny. Pretty soon we were pointing out more clouds until we were laying in the dirt, not a care in the world, listing all the silly things we saw in the clouds. Then, we got up and walked around the park. I admired some of the flowers and asked her if she had a favorite.

She looked thoughtful a moment, then flashed a grin. “Well, I’ve always been partial to roses.”

I swatted her arm. “You’re just saying that.”

“Maybe. Or maybe it’s true,” Zoe said, still smiling in that way that made my heart flutter.

“Well, then, would you accept a rose from a Rose?”

Zoe accepted the rose from me and laughed. “That’s so cheesy.”

“Not as cheesy as being partial to roses,” I said. I might have felt a little embarrassed but the way Zoe was smiling put me so at ease.

“What’s important is that I ROSE to the occasion. Eh? Eeeeeeh?” Zoe made a little jazz-hands motion.

“That’s terrible.”

We took a break from walking and sat down on a bench together, taking in the scenery. Except it was kind of hard to pay attention to the scenery when I was in such good company.

I placed my hand over Zoe’s hand and looked at her in earnest. “Zoe, I’ve… never felt this way about anyone before.”

“Believe me, I understand.”

“I know what they mean about butterflies in the stomach now…”

“Oh no!” Zoe gasped, her eyes widening.

I stopped, unsure a moment. “Uh, what?”

“We’ll have to get those butterflies out! TICKLE, TICKLE!”

Surprise tickle attack! I never saw it coming. I laughed until my sides hurt. “Hey! Stop. Hahahahaha! That’s… hahahaha. C’mon, Zoe. Hahaha.”

“No more butterflies for you. I’m going to tickle them to death!”

“Hahahaha. You’re going to tickle ME to death! Stop!”

Zoe relented, but I kept my hands up, guarded for any potential second round. “You goof. Do you tickle all of your first dates?”

“Pfft. You’re the best date I’ve ever had, and I like hearing you laugh.”

I pouted. “Did you have to tickle me, though? That’s not very romantic.”

Zoe’s eyes gleamed with mischief. “Oh, it can be~”

I wasn’t sure I entirely caught her meaning, but the little sing-song note in her voice made my face feel hot.

“Rose red is a good look for you.”

I could scarcely think of the words, and I was sure my face was lighting up like a holiday tree. “Yeah, well, uh-” I scrambled for something to say.

And then, it hit me like lightning. The perfect thing to say. I’d show her. I stretched my arms out, then carefully laid my arm over Zoe’s shoulders. I glanced about a moment and lowered my voice.

“I bet rose would look good on you, too.”

Zoe turned a very pretty shade after that, and I felt triumphant. Gold medalists had nothing on me in that moment.

“Maybe… you should give me a taste of what that’s like?” Zoe suggested, her voice soft.

“I, uh-” I blinked a few times and felt my face go hot again.

Zoe stood and offered her hand to me. “Don’t be shy. Come up here. And kiss me.”

I thought I was going to melt in a pile of goo. My heart was going to beat out of my chest.

I took Zoe’s hand and stood. She had pulled me a little close. Well, really close. I breathed and looked into her beautiful brown eyes.

“It’s okay?”

“More than okay,” Zoe said, gentle, giving my hand a squeeze. She closed her eyes. I leaned in.

My imagination could not compare to what my real, first kiss was like. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. I loved it. I loved Zoe.

I couldn’t help myself. I kissed her more. Harder. She was surprised when she was suddenly dipped, but she did not protest. She returned my kiss with just as much passion. We were both a little breathless by the end of it.

How fortunate we were in a secluded area of the park. I imagine we would’ve gotten quite a few stares, otherwise.

Kissing might have been the end of the date, but we sat down to breathe and talk. Mostly, we gushed about the kiss and about each other. It was hard parting ways.

We had more dates. As many as we could cram into our schedules.

One day, not long after, I asked her if she’d ever consider moving in with me. I mean, sure, it sounded like she had a good time with her roommates and all-

But I bet we could have an even better time. Together.

Apparently, she agreed. She told me she thought I’d never ask.

Chapter One – Landing in Oasis Springs

08-24-17_3-21-19 PM

When I landed on this planet, I didn’t know what to expect, what to think, or what to do. I had been informed by my escape pod’s computers about the dominant, sentient species on the planet: Sims. I was taught their language, some of their culture… I found myself fascinated by the things Sims engage in such as “sports” and “Woohoo.” It seems like a very interesting but primitive place. But certainly, most certainly, it is not Alpha-Simcron. I suppose it would be in my best interests to disguise myself as I’ve been informed by my pod’s computers that I am being tracked, most likely by the Beta-Simcronians. It would also probably be helpful for me to blend in with the dominant species of this planet.

I suppose this will be the image that I take from this point on. If I am to survive, as my mothers would have wanted me to, then I must appear to be a Sim instead of an Alpha-Simcronian. I am not happy, and I doubt I ever will be.

I suppose it is fortunate that the pod’s computers have given me feedback on what my enemies will appear like to me. I must avoid them at all cost. Although, I am not happy; I cannot dishonor my mothers by rejecting the sacrifice they made in order to save me. Survival is the only option.

Chapter Three – Rose Sees Fireworks

“You’re not going to regret this,” Summer told me, one day. “Festivals in San Myshuno are the best! You’re going to have a great time!”

“I can hardly wait!” I said, feeling growing excitement.

Mindful of my job as a social media personality, I decided to check in and update my status. I’d write more later after I get home. But for now, it’s time to have fun!

I met up with Miko and a guy I said hello to once at the festival. I said hello to both of them, but I got the feeling that I would be a third wheel if I stuck around more, so I let them be.

Darren was at the festival, too, and wearing better clothes! He looked happier and in good shape. He told me that he owed me one for giving him hope. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and pride for him that I gave him a hug, which he readily accepted. I’m so glad his life is getting back on track!

You meet so many interesting people at these festivals. In my opinion, this guy could use a different hat. This lady, too, but wow… She’s pretty.

There were so many foods and things to look at. Also, check out this guy’s sideburns.

The fireworks were amazing! I’m not sure I should’ve been standing so close, but I couldn’t resist. So pretty and loud!

Unfortunately, after the festival I got lost in San Myshuno trying to find the bus back home. But fortunately, I wasn’t the only one!

“The city can be a really big and scary place,” my new friend, Zoe Patel, said, looking around uneasily.

“Yeah. It’s a good thing we found each other, though. At least we don’t have to be lost AND alone.”

Zoe smiled at me, then gave a little laugh and agreed. I thought the lady at the festival was pretty, but this new girl I’ve met… Wow. She’s gorgeous.

We walked and talked for what must have been hours trying to find the closest bus station. At some point, I accidentally let slip that she had beautiful eyes. I was so embarrassed, but-

Zoe was flattered! She told me she liked my eyes, too! I don’t know why, but I felt really funny all of a sudden. Like a dozen rascally squirrels were fighting around in my stomach, my face felt hot, and my mouth felt dry.

At some point, our conversation turned to dating, and she asked me if I had ever dated a girl before.

“No,” I told her.

She looked away a moment. I wondered about that and quickly added:

“But I love trying new experiences, and dating in general is definitely a new experience for me!”

“That’s great! Hey, here’s my number. After this, do you think maybe you’d like to hang out?”

I definitely wanted to see her again. “Yes, please!”

“Maybe even… try something new?” Zoe asked.

My hands felt really sweaty just then, too. “Like, uh, a date with a girl?” I felt really shy all of a sudden. This is so unlike me!

“Yeah! It could be fun!”

Finally, after so much walking, we found a bus station! We were both so happy and relieved. We said our good-byes, but I kept reaching into my pocket to pull out Zoe’s number. Just to make sure it was still there. I really hope I get to see her again!

(BONUS! Rose has a bathroom now! Although, I guess since she doesn’t have anything else home-wise, this would count as more of an outhouse. LOL)

Chapter Two – Rose and Friends

“Time for this girl to mingle! I’m going to say hello to everyone I come across!”

“Hey there, mail lady. Looking good! Beautiful morning we’re having, am I right?”

“Um, yes. Uh, thank you?” the mailwoman said.

“You’re welcome!”

“Hey there, my man. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!”

“… Do I know you?” the stranger asked.

“Yo, how’s it hanging?”

“Uhhh…” the other stranger said.

“Oh. This poor guy is sleeping on a bench. I hope he’s okay!”

I woke him up to check on him, and he seemed very sad. I asked him what was going on.

“You know, you’re the first person to ask that? I’m all alone, I have no family, no friends, and I have no home and no place to go,” the homeless man said.

“Oh man, I know what that’s like. I’m alone, too. I don’t have a home or family yet, either. I’ve been an orphan my whole life.”

“Really?” the man said, surprised.


“I guess we have a lot in common,” the man said, sighing.

“But it’s going to be okay.”

“How can you say that?” the man asked.

“Well, I found you. You could be my friend, and then we won’t be alone anymore. That’s a step in the right direction, right?”

“You’d really be my friend? But you don’t know anything about me.”

“That’s okay. We can find out about each other. Starting now! My name’s Rose. What’s yours?”

“Darren. I… wow. Thank you for reaching out to me, Rose.”

“No problem!”

After spending some time with Darren, I continued my quest to say hello to more people.

“Hi there!”

“Oh, hello! You must be new around here!” the blonde said, with a smile.

“I am! How’d you guess?”

“I know just about everyone in this town. I’m a real social butterfly, you could say. Anyway, I’m Summer! Nice to meet you! I was just going to meet up with my friend, Miko!” Summer said.


“Hi, Miko!” Summer said.

I turned, and there she was. Miko. “Wow! I did not see you there!”

“What’s up?” Miko said, looking cool and relaxed.

Summer told the two of us some outrageous stories, and the three of us quickly became friends as we spent the day away.

“Phew. What a day. I’ve made some new friends, found this sweet bed just lying around on someone’s curb, and now… Yaaaaaawn. Time for bed. I think I’m going to like it here in Willow Creek.”

Chapter One- Windswept Rose

“It’s kind of strange they left this here for me, but nothing I would actually need. Well, except the money. Oh well. It’s kind of neat having a knight in shining armor. Ha!”

“Time to do some exploring! There’s a whole new life waiting for me out there, and I want to see and do it all!”

“Wow! Check out this llama! It’s a shame it’s probably not sturdy enough for me to climb on top. But still that is one top-notch llama!”

“Yay! There’s a bunch of places to look for frogs! This is great. I used to do this all the time back at the orphanage!”

“I don’t really get it, but something about this painting speaks to me. I’m not sure what it’s saying exactly, but it’s saying, uh, something. Anyway, moving on!”

“Hmmm. Lockers. Showers. I knew it wasn’t hopeless. As long as I make use of this free gym membership, I won’t have to go around being stinky all the time. Good!”

“I should probably find a job. I wonder if there’s an opening for a circus bear trainer?”

“Social media career? Well, close enough! Let’s do it!”

“Phew, all this exploring is making me hungrier than that time I got sent to bed without breakfast, lunch, or dinner three times in a row. Time to eat!”

First Blog Post

This is my very first post on this blog. I should probably say something special, but I can’t actually think of much to say. You can find out what this blog is about in the About section which is just a short summary. Currently, I have in the works of my Sims games a kind of Selfacy (not sure if I’ll post a story for it or not), the Robinson collaboration legacy, a combo Hidden Princess/Runaway Teen challenge (with an alien), a Wonder Child project, and a Build Newcrest challenge. I might be up to do even more stuff, too! We’ll see. 🙂